Hi, I'm Max.
I'm a full-stack developer.

My Skills


PC screen with a UI


Pc screen with code



Daily Recap

Django Templates

This is a very basic Django app using templates to keep track of where I spend time at work.On the first page, you have this current week with the number of hours worked per day. I can add tasks that are saved in the week I complete them. On the second page(bottom part),  I can select an activity I'm working on and start a time block. When ended, the time is calculated per block and added to the total. I can also take notes from the daily meeting, plan the day and make a list of realizations.This app helps me keep track of my time.I'm planning on adding more visual features to be able to quickly see where I spend my time and manage it better.

This app is hosted on my Raspberry PI 4 running Ubuntu Server on my home network.

Typer (In production)


This is a touch typing app. You can play as a guest or login and save your result to try to be in the top 5.
I'm using React to build the Frontend and I'll connect it to my Django REST Framework API. User information will be stored in a database.

I'm currently building this project.

It will be deployed with AWS cloud servers

Crafty Kiddos Gallery


Save and share your kid craft or drawing with others before you put them to the "storage bin". I did this project as my final project of my Course Careers Software Development Fundamentals (I learned a lot more about best practice related to backend after finalizing this project). For the backend, I used Golang with Gorm to create the CRUD API. I'm using a cloud based PostgreSQL database with ElephantSQL. Pictures are uploaded & stored to Amazon S3.
Please note that I'm still working on this project and it's not fully responsive yet.

The Go backend is hosted with Render with a free plan. Please allow about 30 secondes for the first request to wake up the server

A* Algorithm Path Finder


In this project I created a visualizer for the A* algorithm. I use the P5.JS library for the visual part. You can play around with the grid by adding or removing walls. Also, you can enable or disable the diagonal for the path. You can change the start or the end point as well. With the reset button, you can generate a fresh grid and start again to experiment more.


A real passionate
Went to college in CS but only made 2 years before starting a construction business. Since then, I've always been looking to do something related to the tech industry. Always looking at what's new, going to developer meetings, etc. In 2015 I created an E-commerce for a friend using Prestashop. I did some customization, managed the hosting, connected to real-time API, and more. I've enjoyed it so much I started to learn more and more about programming. 
Since then, I continued learning and exploring Python, Django REST framework, JavaScript, React, SQL, and more. 

I’m 32 and I have a lot of experience working in a team and solving business problems. 

My current job
I'm currently hired as a full-stack developer building an ERP. I'm implementing patient management, order management, inventory, accounting, reporting, SMS, 1 to 1 video call, and more to come with a nice React interface.

I created a single-page website for a bullion shop. I'm currently planning an E-commerce for them as well.I made a ticketing software solution for a new business making youth event.

I enjoy fishing walleye and northern pike in the summertime while wondering how I can design the software of a fish finder.


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